Giant Saguaro Cactus Near Desert Trails RV Park

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Our natural, unspoiled Desert setting is the main draw to
Desert Trails RV Parks location. But we have also accumulated many amenities since 1998, and we surprise our guests with the extent of our Facilities. We are a 40+ RV Park and attract an energetic customer base. This is reflected in our Hiking, Biking, Dances, Aerobics and other Outdoor Activities.

We offer a Campground atmosphere, unlike other RV Parks, and don't offer "Annual Rates" for permanent residents. Every "off-season" we upgrade infrastructure as well as improve existing buildings and create new spaces for expanding activities. The Trailer Life (Good Sam) directory recognizes this too, by increasing our "Ratings" to 9/9/9.

Not under any measurable category, are the amazing Artists who perform 2-3 times per week. Many "alternative" musicians are not for all tastes. But our enthusiastic audiences also like the conventional "Shows". All evenings are well attended and generate an "electric" intimate atmosphere which encourage top names to return to our relatively small venue at Desert Trails. On nights without live Music, Lectures, Bingo, Kararoke, Poker & Games fill up the rest of the Schedule.

Major recent improvements include:

The Trailer Life Good Sam directory Rating of 9/9/9

35 ft Observation Deck, offering Mountain & Sunset Panoramic views - a unique 360 degree viewing platform for 20 people.

A 3 Room Library with Reading Patio (holding over 3,000 books.)

A Cacti and Art Garden.

4 Bocce Ball Courts. Mountain Bike Obstacle Course.

A 2nd Dog Run and Enlargement of the Main Dog Run with a New Fence.

Art/Photo Gallery and Aerobics Building.

Large Shade Ramada at the Heated Pool.

A Water Filtration Vending Machine and a FREE Ice Machine.

After noticing the absence of Trains & Planes, guests compliment us on our natural landscape. Sunset views can be experienced from all over the Park. Some of this is prominent in the "Desert Oasis" in the center of the RV Park. Here the thick fauna and trees attract 50 varieties of birds seen in our Park. Javelina and Coyotes also wander through at times, but are far outnumbered by the Rabbits, Roadrunners and Doves.

Direct access to Saguaro National Park benefits our guests who like to walk or bike. Our Staff have extensive information on the area as well as copies of the miles of Hiking Trails directly behind us. We're not far from Shopping & Town and have more "hidden" tour information, after you've visited the main attractions nearby.