Biking and Hiking Trails Near The Park

We are blessed with miles and miles of beautiful hiking and biking trails that start right near the edge of Desert Trails RV Park property. As a guest you can get free Trail Maps at the office. We also have a more extensive home-made map leading further into Tucson Mountain Park & Saguaro National Park. These maps are for entertainment and may not be to scale or entirely accurate, but we have not lost a hiker yet! As you hike or bike away from the RV Park it blends in with the scenery. If you get off track you can always see the Green Roof Of The School House to use as a landmark (see map below). Climb the hill on our property and you will get an idea of where the trails lead. Guests often take Sunset photos from the hill top while looking at "Old Tucson Studios" and the "Desert Museum" from this high point.

Hikers Enjoy The View Near The RV Park


Mountian Bikers Paridise

Always, always take Water and we suggest a good walking stick. Our shorter trails are marked with signs and have chairs for resting. If you prefer you can Mountain Bike on the trails. Our guests go for regular morning nature walks in season. You can take your dog. In the winter months snakes and other critters are rare. The most dangerous item for either dogs or people is cactus! Returning visitors share plant knowledge, when joining them on our "Hiking Trips" or just informal walks. Please remember that it is now against the law to Feed Wildlife in Arizona. Please do not disturb or remove items from the Desert. Enjoy the fun and adventure.

Hiking Map Desert Trails RV Park

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